good and bad news

good: i’ll maybe get a new job

bad: i won’t have too much time to stay here

Anonymous sent: NOO PLEASE DONT KILL YOURSELF,even tho im on anon and i dont know you, I love you and think your an amazing person. You arent alone, if you want i could come off anon and we could talk if you need to. Just dont kill your self, please dont

I won’t (at least for now). And it’s a horrible habit that I have, I don’t talk to anyone when I feel like this. I know that this the worst thing to do in these moments, but I feel that doing this, the only people I’ll hurt is myself, and not the others. My parents don’t even know what is happening and when I ignore them, they end up scolding me.

thedistortedone sent: Whoah there, slow down. There are always better options than ending everything. I can't say for sure when or if it's gonna get better for you, but if you leave then you'll never know what your life holds in store for you.

but looks like it will never get better. idk

e-nkai sent: killing yourself is not the answer. when these thoughts flood your head just brush them away and keep yourself distracted. do stuff and dont think too much. and talk to others, its one of the best things a person can have - someone to talk to, no matter how silly u feel. its hard now, but there will be plenty of better things later,, if you keep living, good things are bound to happen. :) cheer up!

I try to keep myself distracted watching anime, making gifs, listening and playing music in my guitar, but all these things I do alone. I don’t have friends, and the only 2 people I trust (besides my family) are really far away from me. I’m too shy to make new friends and I don’t like to go out. So I’m 90% of the time alone, and to be honest, it’s better this way. When I said I almost killed myself, I wasn’t wanting to end my life, it was a mistake, but I was too bad that I didn’t even realized what I was doing. I’m sure I have issues and I want to go to a psychiatrist or something, my friend said she thinks i have depression, and that it’s dangerous for me to be alone this way all the time because I’ll end up doing something terrible.